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Holy Face Church - 20408 Point Lookout Road | Great Mills, MD 20634 | 301-994-0525

Adult Faith Formation

living_catholicLiving Catholic: The four online lessons of Living Catholic parallel the four parts of the Catechism of the Catholic Church: the faith we profess (the Nicene Creed), the way we worship (the sacraments), the way we live (Christian morality), and the way we relate to God (prayer).

creedCreed: From the dawn of Christianity, the Church has expressed and handed on “professions of faith” which serve as the fundamental frame of reference for catechesis. This course is designed to deepen understanding of the principal truths of the faith outlined in the Creed as a summary of baptismal and ecclesial faith.

sacramentsSacraments: Through her sacraments and liturgy, the Church celebrates, above all, the Paschal Mystery by which Christ accomplished God’s loving plan for the redemption of the world. This course is designed to deepen understanding of the Church’s sacramental life, through which Christ now acts, and in which we participate in the saving work of God.

christian_moralityChristian Morality: Living the Christian life is a response to God’s loving initiative in which we choose the way of love and “put on Christ.” This course is designed deepen understanding of moral catechesis as the exercise of authentic freedom in light of conscience formed by God’s Word, the teachings of the Church, prayer and the sacraments.

prayerPrayer: In prayer, the Christian humbly raises heart and mind to God as a response of faith and love to Christ who is our salvation. This course is designed to deepen appreciation of the Trinitarian nature of Christian prayer and to explore the prayer of Jesus as the perfect model of prayer.

scriptureScripture: The Bible is more than a religious text or a collection of literary works of the ancient world – it is the revealed Word of God which challenges understanding and invites conversion and faith. This course is designed to provide an introduction to reading, interpretation and study of Sacred Scripture. (Coming Soon)

catechesis_101Catechesis 101: “The catechist knows that the content of catechesis cannot be indifferently subjected to any method. It requires a process of transmission which is adequate to the nature of the message, to its sources and language, to the concrete circumstances of ecclesial communities as well as to the particular circumstances of the faithful to whom catechesis is addressed”(GDC, 149).

This course is both instructional and formational in nature and presents theological, relational and practical approaches to catechetical formation for all ministers of catechesis: parish catechetical leaders; catechists for adults, young adults, teens, and children; RCIA coordinators; and school catechists.

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